Seogwipo Olle Market is the largest market in Seogwipo, and it looks like it has everything you want. As the largest and most oldest market in Seogwipo, they sell vegetables, fish, fruits, and daily necessities as well as agricultural products which are grown on the volcanic soil, clothes, shoes, and daily supplies. It is a place where both agricultural and marine products and dried fish are prepared. Besides, it has kept all the souvenir for tourists.

The largest and oldest traditional market in Seogwipo opened in the early 1960’s and it became a large base in the Seogwipo economy for 60 years. This market has started to build arcade type of shops which has almost 620mm length and it is easy to shop because of the shape of the arrangement. Now, the market has a pivotal role in the economy of the Seogwipo. 

The pleasure of various eating and drinking 

There are various foods which were aired on the TV such as Omegi rice cake, Buckwheat Crepe, Tangerine stone grandpa bread, Harabong juice, and black pork grilled skewers, etc in the Maeil Olle Market. Besides, you can enjoy and alleviate your hunger at the Traditional Food Restaurants. 

A famous tourist attractions within 10 minute distance on foot. 

It would be good to visit the Olle market as a last course after visiting famous attractions like Cheonjiyeon Falls, Jeongbang Falls, Lee Jung Seop Street, Seobok Exhibition Hall because it is located within 10 minute distance from these attractions.