Abut the romance, ‘Saeyeongyo and Saeseom’

After buying some snacks from Olle Market and passing through Cheonjiyeon Falls and arriving at the end of the port, you can see the ‘Saeyeongyo which is the landmark of Seogwipo. The bridge was built in 

the middle of the tide that allowed visitors to enter the port during the ebb tide, and the harbor is filled with romance. The name ‘Saeseom’ which means ‘meet the new relationship’ is also romantic, and the shape of Saeyeongyo which symbolizes the traditional and romantic boat of Jeju Island ‘Teu’ is great. That's why the walkers who take each other’s hands are especially noticeable when they follow a trail which is built about a 1.1km long on Saeseom across the bridge. A loving course name, such as a ‘garden of a covenant’ and ‘lover’s street’, adds friendliness. The beautiful scenery of Saeseom which combines forest and sea is beautiful during the day, but it shines at night. Lights brighten up the landscape and produce fantastic nighttime scenes.