We invite you to the delightful taste of ‘ Buckwheat Crepe’.

Buckwheat crepe is one of the representative regional foods, which is good for health and knowing culture of Jeju. You can enjoy buckwheat crepe in the Seogwipo Maeil Olle Market. Because buckwheat crepe is not easy to be packaged or stored, so it is recommended that you give buckwheat crepe to the receiver when you can give it to the recipient on the day as soon as you arrive at the airport. 

The main ingredients of buckwheat crepe are buckwheat and radish. Since Jeju is a place where dry-farming is suitable rather than rice farming, buckwheat which can be easily grown on the farm is valuable ingredients and friendly dishes to Jeju residents. 

So, people who moved to the land or the people who live in Jeju Island and understand the tate of a real adult tend to visit Jeju Island to eat buckwheat crepe or decide to make the crepe by themselves.